Here are the locations

Bovver 64 - Once the mission White Lies is completed you will be able to get it. You can also get it in Little Haiti by the Junkyard and in Viceport by a jetty in the middle of the water but it will activate races.

Dinghy - Under the bridge that connects between Little Haiti and Leaf Links Golf Course.

Jetski - On a jetty near another Violator and the Leaf Links Golf Course, one on PIER 1 in Washington Island and behind the InterGlobal Film Studio, Prawn Island.

Jetmax - Docked at the pier at Ocean Beach.

Marquis - Docked at the Marina in Ocean Beach.

Predator - At the Helipad at Hymann Memorial Stadium, Downtown.

Reefer - Docked just in front of a small pier outside the Junkyard in Little Haiti.

Rio - Docked near the VIP terminal at Escobar International Airport. Also south of the Hospital at Ocean Beach and at the pier in the north of Starfish Island.

Speeder - Can only be obtained during the smuggling side missions.

Squalo - Docked at the marina north of Ocean Beach

Tropic - Docked at the Ocean Bay Marina at Ocean Beach

Violator - Near the jetski at Leaf Links

Yola - Outside the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound where all the boats are locked up.

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