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Victor Vance, the protagonist of GTA Vice City Stories

Characters in GTA Vice City Stories

The ArmyEdit

Character's name Job First appearance Last appearance

Jerry Martinez

Victor's Sargeant in the Army Soldier

Last Stand (death, killed by Victor Vance)

Victor Vance


Soldier Last Stand

Victor's friends and FamilyEdit

Character's name Job First appearance Last appearance

Phil Cassidy

Owner of Phil's Depot (owns other businesses in other GTA games) Cleaning House Over the Top

Louise Cassidy-Williams

Mother of Mary Beth Williams Shakedown

Light My Pyre

(Killed by Armando Mendez)

Marty Jay Williams

Leader of the Trailer Park Mafia Shakedown


(Killed by Victor Vance)

Lance Vance

Brother of Victor Vance Jive Drive Last Stand

Umberto Robina

Son of Alberto Robina Nice Package Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

Bryan Forbes

Undercover agent The Audition

The Bum Deal

(Killed by Victor Vance)

The Mendez Brothers

Leaders of the Mendez goons The Mugshot Longshot Light My Pyre (Armando, killed by Vic Vance) - Last Stand (Diego, killed by Victor Vance)

Reni Wassulmaier

Owner of InterGlobal Film Studio's, Prawn Island Accidents Will Happen

In The Air Tonight

(Leaves Vice City because the Mendez goons were after him/her. Left just before Phil Collins concert)

Ricardo Diaz

Owner of the mansion on Starfish Island Steal the Deal Last Stand
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