Pay 'n' Spray is the name of the garage used in the games in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand
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Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and pretty much every other game in the GTA series. Here are some pictures:

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

A few metres from Paulie's Revue Bar (now Luigi's Sex Club 7), Red Light District, Portland Island

Near the Newport safehouse and next to the Staunton Island 8-Ball's Bomb Shop.

Opposite 8-Balls Bomb Shop and Mr Benz Costume Store, Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

Next door to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound and a few metres from Phil Cassidy's Shooting Range.

Nearby the Cholos Mini Supermarket, Little Haiti.

A few metres from Lance Vance's new safe house in Ocean Beach.

About a mile from the entrance to Leaf Links golf course.

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