Here are guns in the main PSP game GTA Vice City Stories.

Accessories and Brass Knuckles and Melee weapons Handguns and Rifles Heavy Weapons, Submachine guns and Shotguns Knifes or Axes Explosives
Body Armor Pistol M249 Butterfly Knife Grenades
Health Equalizer Minigun Knife Remote Grenades
Binoculars Sniper Rifle Flamethrower Axe Molotov Cocktails
Brass Knuckle Laser Sniper Rocket Launcher Katana
Fist Assault Rifle Micro SMG
Baseball Bat AK 47 Mac 10
Gaff Hook Scorpion
Golf Club SMG
Machete Shotgun
Chainsaw Stubby Shotgun
Nightstick Spaz 12